Barebones Hosting

When all you need is space

Core Features

From € 2,49/mo.

Hosting with Let's encrypt certificate

Hestia CP

Convenient and professional control panel with domain and database management.
Install Wordpress, Drupal, Opencart or Laravel with a single click

Hosting with Let's encrypt certificate

Free SSL certificate

Get a free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate out of the box.
(Or bring your own!)

FTP Access

sFTP Access

Access your files with FTP and secure SFTP.

MySQL database


1 MySQL database is included in all packages
On top of that, you get phpMyAdmin preinstalled for easier management

Data traffic


300 GB traffic - more than enough for medium scale websites!

Data traffic

SSD Disk space

10 GB SSD storage will keep you happy. If not get more - just contact us!

Data traffic


Optionally, you can enable the exahustive, industry standard AWStats Web Statistics for your site

Order now!

Sometimes, all you need is space host your landing page, your redirection site, a business card... rather small things.

So - stop paying for all the stuff you don't want!

Our Bare Bones package provides you with fast, secure and reliable hosting without all the extras you don't need for this job.

That's why our Bare Bones package comes at a very low price, without missing out on performance, service and stability.

And - you can upgrade your package, or you can combine it with our international hosting offer. That way you can distribute your landing pages world wide, be close to your customer and make search engines love your regional offers even more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Email boxes included?

Usually you won't need email addresses for landing pages or small offer sites. So we took them out to reduce maintenance and cost.
However, you can always upgrade to our Wordpress Hosting Plan which contains mail boxes and plenty of mail addresses.

Of course you can!
In fact, our Barebones package comes with an installer for many of these.
Our speed and disk space are certainly sufficient to run a wordpress site, and many of our clients do that.
You should be aware that if you want to run a high traffic word press site you should consider to upgrade to our Wordpress Hosting Plan

You can host one domain per package.
If you want to run many sites on barebones packages you should contact us for a nice discount!
Also, you may look at the Dedicated package where you can run multiple domains, all on your own dedicated IP!

Just use the cancellation request button in the client administration. We do not have minimum periods so you can cancel anytime, and your subscription won't be renewed.

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