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Make no compromises with your business website.
Get speed, full service and security for less money

Core Features

From € 6,49/mo.

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Hosting with Plesk CP

Plesk CP / CPanel

Industrial grade control panel with domain and database management, file manager, webmail interface.
Autoinstaller for many popular scripts

Prefer CPanel? You can have that, too!*
Hosting with Let's encrypt certificate

Free SSL certificate

Get a free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate out of the box.
(Or bring your own!)

FTP Access

sFTP Access

Access your files with FTP and secure SFTP.

MySQL database


1 MySQL database is included in all packages
On top of that, you get phpMyAdmin preinstalled for easier management

Data traffic


1 Terabyte traffic - for the demanding business website!

Data traffic

SSD Disk space

50 GB SSD storage will keep you covered, even if you prefer large pictures...



get 25 Mailboxes and 50 email addresses with your package. Upgrade on request!



With each package, get 10 days of backups, stored remotely, for maximum safety!

Power For Your Business

Make the most out of your web sites!

With our Wordpress package your money making machine will never run out of steam.

Because having a nice looking site is one thing - keeping it running at warp speed 24/7 is another.

And you have better things to do than stay awake at night reading log files, trying to understand your web server.

We give you a powerful hosting package, with a capable control panel on top. We take care of the server details while you go about your business.

And should you ever end up in trouble - our support is there to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run Drupal or Joomla instead of Wordpress?

Of course you can!
If you let us know from the start we will install it for you for free if you wish.
Or, you can add more apps later on yourself at any time

Yes, if you really need another database then that's perfectly possible.
Please let us know, we can install it for you if necessary at no cost!

With our Wordpress package there is no SSH access.
If you really need this you may want to opt for our Dedicated package that gives you a full virtual server including SSH and a dedicated IP, among other good things

* CPanel installations will cost an extra fee of 2.99/month (3.30 when paid monthly)
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